A chinese dragonBlood Bike Mid West is a charitable organization that provides the transport of urgently needed blood, blood products, patient records, drugs and other medical requirements. Since 2013 we have been providing an Emergency Voluntary transport service at no cost to the HSE, Breast Milk Bank Northern Ireland, Private hospitals, Hospices and even to individuals in their homes. This is only made possible through the generous funding we have received from members of our community in the Mid-West region and beyond. The vast majority of our collections and deliveries are carried on specially adapted motorcycles. All our riders are trained to the highest RoSPA (Royal Society for the prevention of accidents) levels and undertake this training at a personal cost to themselves.

We operate a 24/7 Emergency call out service full staffed by dedicated volunteers.

We receive NO State funding and all members and directors are unpaid volunteers.

Our Mission is to act as an Emergency Voluntary Transport Service which aims to relieve sickness and protect health by the provision of transport of urgently needed blood, blood products, breast milk, patient records, drugs and other medical requirements between hospitals and blood transfusion banks, primarily, but not exclusively, in the Mid West Region.

Meet the Team



The chairman oversees the overall functioning of the group and liases with the other Irish Blood Bike groups in Ireland.

Brendan Caffrey


The BBMW Controllers operate on a monthly basis in rotation. When manning the controller phone they are ready to take calls any time day and night and to then inform the relevant duty riders of the pick-up and delivery details.

Current Controller - Anna McAuliffe

Fundraising Team

This team organises and manages the general fundraising activities for the group.

John Sheedy

Sharon Mowat


The committee meets every two weeks to discuss key matters and prepare for future requirements with additional daily discussions between committee members and Volunteers.

Brendan Caffrey - Chairman

Sharon Mowat - Fundraising

John Sheedy - Fundraising

Dave Scullane - Finance

Pat Murphy - Transport

Larry Hunt - Operations

Frank Hennigar - Garda Vetting

Ken Driscoll - PRO


The operations manager coordinates all the transport requests that are called in and ensures that all rostered shifts are filled to ensure 100% continuity of service.

Larry Hunt

Familiarisation & Training Team

As we get busier handling more calls from more hospitals, we need to bring new volunteers on-stream. We set up the familiarisation & training team to ensure that new volunteers received the highest level of training to carry out their duties professionally and efficiently, while meeting our rigorous standards.

Another key element of this team is in assisting riders to gain the coveted RoSPA certification for advanced riding.

Pat Murrphy

William Campbell

Our sincere thanks go to every member of the Blood Bike Mid West family and especially those who give extra to make it all happen. Finally, we must thank the wives, husbands, partners and children of our volunteers, who forego significant time with them in order that they may give to others.