Who are we?
Blood Bike Mid West is a charitable organization that provides a voluntary medial transport service
in the Mid West region.

What do we Transport?
We transport Blood Samples, Breast Milk, Patient records, medical equipment and other medical supplies.

Who uses this service?
We transport to/from hospitals, hospices, clinics and private individuals in their own homes.

Where do we Operate?
Our base of operation is Limerick City delivering a service across the Mid West region. We link up with other Blood Bike groups to provide a country wide service.

What hours do we operate?
We operate a 24/7 call out service. 365 days of the year.
We also have a dedicated weekend service transporting samples from the Maternity Hospital to the University Hospital Laboratory in Dooradoyle. In addition to this we have scheduled collections in Ennis, Nenagh & Croom Hospitals every weekend.

How are we Funded?
We are entirely reliant on fundraising to generate funds to operate this service. We also receive donations from private individuals and local businesses who support us.

Do we receive any State or HSE funding?
No. We recieve no state funding.

How are the donations used?
100% of all donations go towards the running of the charity and maintenance of our vehicles.
Insurance, maintenance and Fuel costs are our biggest outgoings.

What Vehicles do we use?
Currently we have three specially equipped motorcycles and a small van used for cross country link-ups and for work in the city.

Do we get paid for this service?
No. All our volunteers and trustees are unpaid and give up their time for free.

Do we charge for this service?
No. We provide this service at no cost to any individual or organization that requests our service.

See the F.A.Q. page for more information on what we do and what you can do for us!

Meet the Team



Brendan Caffrey


David Scullane


Larry Hunt


Pat Murphy


Daragh McDermott


William Campbell
Ken Driscoll


Jim, Anna & Ciara McAuliffe


Our sincere thanks go to every member of the Blood Bike Mid West family and especially those who give extra to make it all happen. Finally, we must thank the wives, husbands, partners and children of our volunteers, who forego significant time with them in order that they may give to others.